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Designed for qualified Associate Degree Nursing Students, the option provides an opportunity to begin coursework for the B. degree in nursing at one of 4 participating universities while enrolled in the CCBC A. In addition, students are also expected to devote time to group work, computer labs, and preparation for clinical days.The day-time program operates on a regular 15-week semester schedule.The Bridge course begins in late May/early June and is provided in an online/in-class hybrid format on the Catonsville campus.

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Individuals seeking services, as well as the loved ones and professionals supporting them will find helpful information on addiction and mental health services, housing, transportation, and more.

The booklets will be available at local libraries in the tri-county area.

The Transition course is provided on the Dundalk campus and offered each fall.

Upon successful completion of the Transition course, students articulate into the third semester of the RN program.

Learn more about the Paramedic to RN Bridge Program » View the Paramedic to RN Bridge admission packet » The Practical Nursing (LPN) program is a twelve-month, three semester, 46 credit certificate program comprised of 12 courses designed to provide theoretical and clinical study in nursing that will enable students to assist other health care professionals, such as registered nurses and physicians, and work as members of a health care team.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).Many thanks to Senator Betty Little for providing the generous Bullet Aid grant which enabled us to purchase an improved version of our online catalog! Check out our Events Calendar to find out all the free public events happening near you!This system offers some wonderful changes including: To access your account, log in with the library card number and PIN that you used with the old catalog. We offer information from around the region and interesting, entertaining, and informational updates. Check out our list of new titles at area libraries.Additionally, graduates are prepared to enter the health care workforce and are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse. Separate applications are required for each selected university partner.Congruent with the CCBC mission, a commitment to lifelong learning and educational mobility is fostered through the curriculum. degree in nursing in approximately two to three additional terms following completion of the A. Additional qualifications and admission requirements are outlined in the ATB admission packet.The evening/weekend program is offered only at the Essex campus, and admission occurs only in the fall semester. Students must attend weekly seminar/laboratory sessions as well as attend weekly clinical experiences.

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