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What I’d like to give as my personal celebration of International Chastity Day is an insight into my feelings on the subject.

You can also read a fantastic Beginner’s Guide to Male Chastity by Ruffled Sheets here.

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One of the physical elements of male chastity is the fact that when the man tries to have an erection this will cause some amount of pain.

His penis and testicles are restrained by the chastity cage or device that he is in and this prevents full erection and ejaculation in the usual manner. That is very similar to the male chastity play I enjoy.

When I have a submissive locked in a chastity cage they become very attentive towards me and my happiness is of utmost importance to them.

This means that I get lots of attention and compliments and yeah, I’ll be honest, it flatters my ego as a woman.

What I get out of locking a man in a chastity cage Why is male chastity such an appealing and erotic fetish for me, as a woman, as a Mistress?

After all, I’m not the one who has a penis (well, not one attached to my body anyway) so what would a woman get from holding the keys to a man’s locked chastity cage?

Lucie's also not afraid to share stories about experiences, both good and bad, and go into details about the nitty gritty of her job—like how she brings geekiness into the bedroom.

She has, for example, often dressed up as specific pop culture characters for clients.

I try to never read the comments, but if I took a shot for every time someone asked how my father must be proud, I'd be drunk all the time,' she said.

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