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Tasteful and useful, and with an appendix of great pickup lines, breakup lines, and all-purpose excuses, this is the book you need when you wake up next to someone whose name you can't remember.The authors of the best-selling The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook are back—and they’ve brought a date.Discover the secrets of dealing with a bad kisser and of surviving a meeting with your date’s parents.

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The books provide instructions for situations like landing a plane and surviving a shark attack.

There have been two television series that have been loosely based on the book series, a 2002 TBS reality show and a 2010 survival skills television series on the Discovery Channel.

Full step by step instructions with diagrams, would make a great gift. There is information in there that will likely never be used by anyone, yet there was some new information that I learned! This book is funny, marginally informative and about as lightweight as air puffed popcorn.

It is unlikely to be a repeat read for anyone and as such makes a good gift for the right person.

Discover the secrets of dealing with a bad kisser and of surviving a meeting with your date's parents.

Hands-on, step-by-step illustrated instructions help guide you through these and many more perils d'amor.A worst-case scenario is the most severe possible outcome that can be projected to occur in a given situation.Conceiving of worst-case scenarios is a common form of strategic planning to prepare for and minimize contingencies that could result in accidents, quality problems, or other issues.The advice is suitably illustrated in a comic fashion and is best enjoyed read in the company of friends. Whatever your own dating nightmares are, take it from the professionals, things can get worse.It's relatively simple to calculate a shark's actions, they say, but human nature is much less predictable.

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