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Optionally you can also set a policy to configure all servers to make use of a WSUS server, this way you can view more detailed reporting information in WSUS and easily see which servers have received a set of updates.With automatic updates in place we can now sit back and relax, and by that I mean spend the time fixing some other problem instead.

wsus not updating server 2016-17

If the updates do not install within two days the updates will be installed right away.

We can then specify if we want updates to install automatically every day, or specify a specific day of the week followed by the time the updates should begin from.

By automatically applying Windows updates you will not need to log into each machine manually and perform updates.

When combined with WSUS we can also report on which servers have which updates installed, allowing us to see the patch level of the entire Windows environment.

I know there is a hotfix available for Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 for Windows 10 on WSUS.

Is there any way to get this to work on WSUS on Server 2008 R2?

Within the Group Policy Objects, right click and select New.

Give the GPO a sensible name so that it will be easy for others to identify in the future.

Simply enable the policy and specify your WSUS server as shown below.

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